Diehard RC – It Is Much More Than Dirt Track RC Vehicles

Started in 2015, the Boys and Girls Club of Marysville embraced this concept and provided space.  Owner and founder of Diehard RC, Brenda Wilson is a US Veteran.  A licensed and qualified drone pilot, she works to give everyone access to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), and robotics.

People of all ages and abilities are welcome.  They tout little ones to folks in their 90’s.  According to Brenda, “it is a great opportunity for kids, women, men, and entire families to celebrate their brains.”  Look for a North Sound Profile of this remarkable woman and her vision in the very, near future on Everettpost.com.  You will learn about her efforts to assist veterans with PTSD and handicap issues.

Tammy Dunn of Snohomish County Sports Commission says, “we are so delighted to have the RC cars outdoor season, with community support for youth and adults to engage in STEM, and what a joy to watch”.

So, what are DieHard RC’s?  They include many classes of off-road RC (remote control) vehicles.

Currently, they have 50 acres in Snohomish County, accommodating up to 400 people with onsite camping. The DieHard Family RC Park has both indoor and outdoor racing options. If you prefer the sky as your terrain, DieHard RC even offers a place to bring your drones and helicopters!

Annual memberships are available for $200.  This is all inclusive and comes with free camping.  Weekenders can attend for $20 and $20 for camping.  No fee is required to be a spectator, so check it out!

The DieHard RC 2021 Spring/Summer season is starting off with two races: Season Opener Summer Turf Series 1 and Season Opener Off-Road Dirt Series 1. With many more races scheduled through September.

Some of these races include the DHRC No Prep Drag Race and the Western Washington Dirt Off-Road Interstate Series. No prep means the racing surface is only swept/blown/cleaned. No traction additive is applied to the racing surface making power management and driving much more important.

For those interested in rougher terrain, on May 8th there will be an inaugural Havok Scale Racing event. This racing event will consist of a Rock Crawl. The RC drivers will have to navigate through a rock and tire pit and motocross style courses with rocks, mud pits, and jumps.

Whether you are looking to race or simply watch, all are welcome to check out these events at the DieHard Family RC Park.  All events being held follow the safety and sanitation standards set the State of Washington and Snohomish County Health District.

To learn more about rules and racing information visit DieHard RC’s website at Diehardrc.com