Snohomish County Council Passes Ordinance Allowing Donation of Surplus County Vehicles to Non-Profits


The Snohomish County Council unanimously passed Ordinance 23-095, which allows for the donation of county-owned surplus vehicles to government agencies or non-profits in the community. Past policy only allowed for county vehicles which reached the end of their useful life to be disposed of by auction, destruction, recycling, or disposal.

“I am proud to encourage this program for our county government to support the good work that non-profits do in our communities every day,” said Councilmember Megan Dunn who suggested this proposal. “Allowing for surplus vehicles in good working order to be donated to non-profits instead of selling them at auction for pennies on the dollar will provide a greater good in our community. Many thanks to the Executive’s Office for their collaboration on these efforts to ensure that our service providers are better able to meet the needs of those they serve.”

“This is an example of great work by the Snohomish County Council,” said Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers. “Our non-profit and governmental partners will now have access to used county vehicles, and it extends our ability to serve our residents. This saves money for our non-profits and allows us to dispose of vehicles in a sustainable way. I commend everyone involved in developing this important policy.”

The ordinance provides that the surplus county vehicle is in good working order and that county data and inventory tags have been removed. Additionally, the non-profit must have the ability to provide Snohomish County indemnification and proof of vehicle liability insurance. The non-profit would also pay all licensing, registration and title transfer costs associated with the donation.

With the passing of this Ordinance, the process for government agencies and non-profits to apply for a vehicle will soon be established. For more information, please visit the following link: Ordinance 23-095