From the National Weather Service: Fall is definitely here.

With the National Weather Service forecasting windy conditions tonight and tomorrow, I thought this would be a good opportunity to reach out on behalf
of Snohomish County PUD and ahead of the stronger storms we see in the winter. Although we are not expecting a significant and widespread event tonight
for Snohomish County and Camano Island, we are prepared for the possibility of outages from broken limbs and trees. The following information may be
useful tonight and in the future:

  • The PUD’s Online Outage Map automatically updates as outages are reported. New this year, we’ve added an Outage Tracker. It offers step-by-step information on the restoration
    process. It’s your best single resource for real-time information on power outages in Snohomish County. Please note that in storms, the Estimated
    Time of Restoration (ETR) may be disabled until weather conditions are safe enough for crews to travel, assess damage and begin repairs. We have
    more helpful information in our Customer Outage Center.
  • Weather conditions are monitored 24/7, and crews are available for call out if needed. Every year, the PUD proactively inspects thousands of poles
    and trims trees along more than 500 miles of line to improve service reliability during storms. We are also actively working to improve or add
    infrastructure in areas where outages have been more frequent in the past

One final note: Above all else, we prioritize the safety of our crews and our customers.