Spring is here and it is that time of year again. If you have studded tires on your vehicle, March 31st is the deadline to have them removed.

Tire shops often get busy with long lines and wait times in the days leading up to and on the 31st. Many tire shop managers note they have staff shortages and highly recommend getting an appointment in advance to reduce the wait time.

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) says studded tires also damage pavement, costing taxpayers additional road repair and maintenance costs. Removing studded tires now helps preserve roadways.

Starting at midnight on Friday, April 1st, motorists with studded tires can face a $136 fine – no April’s fools!  Washington and Oregon share the same studded tire removal deadline. Other states may have later removal dates, but the Washington law applies to all motorists including visitors – no exceptions.

WSDOT does not plan to extend the studded tire deadline this year. Crews will continue to monitor mountain passes, roads and weather forecasts, and will quickly clear any late season snow or ice. Be sure to check road conditions prior to hitting the road so you ‘know before you go’ by using the WSDOT app or by calling the 5-1-1 road conditions hot line.

For more information about Washington state studded tire and tire chain regulations, visit https://www.wsp.wa.gov/driver/vehicle-equipment-requirements/  More about the WSDOT studded tire removal deadline, visit https://wsdot.wa.gov/about/news/2022/reminder-studded-tire-removal-deadline-march-31

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