Will it snow in the North Sound soon? That is the big question right now. Snow in the lowlands of the North Sound is much like a traffic crash – we often get near misses. Like a baked cake, all the ingredients need to come together for accumulating snow in the lowlands.

What is known is that one key ingredient, much cooler weather, will develop over the weekend and continue into at least the first half of next week. Moisture is the other key recipe item.

One surge of moisture is expected to spread over the North Sound overnight Saturday into Sunday for our first threat of lowland snow. The air mass will be cool enough to bring snow levels down to around 500 feet. Yet it is possible for lower elevations to see snowflakes and potentially accumulate on rooftops and landscape areas.

Please make sure your outside faucets have covers, and also disconnect all hoses.  If you live in an area where very low temperatures are likely, consider leaving your indoor faucets on a light drip to prevent freezing or breaking pipes.

The next system to spread moisture over the North Sound for another threat of snow is expected to be Tuesday into Wednesday. This opportunity for snow looks to have a greater chance of accumulating snow, including roadways in elevations near or above snow levels of between 300 and 500 feet.

Each of these potential snow events will likely result in light amounts, perhaps an inch or two at the most. High temperatures the first half of next week will be around 40 degrees and will tend to melt any snow. With nighttime temperatures dipping below freezing, any melted snow can freeze at night for icy conditions during overnights and mornings.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast heading into next week as forecast details become more certain and defined. Use the new everettpost.com weather page for all your local North Sound forecast information.

North Sound Meteorologist Ted Buehner worked more than 40 years for the National Weather Service (NWS) from 1977 to 2018. He is now an Everett Post Media team member. Together with Everett Post Weather Minute Podcasts, he provides morning and afternoon commute traffic and weather updates on both KRKO and KXA Radio, and sports reporting on KRKO.