(The Center Square) – Another Washington state lawmaker has announced plans not to seek reelection.

Rep. Gina Mosbrucker, R-Goldendale, says she won’t seek a sixth term in the Washington State House of Representatives.

The recent controversial redistricting decision, which has redrawn boundaries for several lawmakers including Mossbrucker, did play into her decision to leave after this term, but it was not the only reason.

“I’ve always believed that public servants at the state or national level should leave after a decade,” said Mossbrucker, reiterating her belief in term limits. “I’m not happy about that because if you look at the map, it literally reaches out like an arm with a claw in it and it pulls me down into Vancouver, out of my own community.”

The newly drawn district encompasses an area stretching from East Yakima to Pasco. It will now be known as the 14th district instead of the 15th, shifting many members out of their districts, requiring them to move to represent the new boundaries, or leave their seats.

While Mossbrucker lamented the change, she was proud of her achievements.

“It’s bitter sweet, of course. You know I follow my faith, and my faith said to go to Olympia in 2014 to fix things and I had this long list of things God said to work on.”

Fixing the rape-kit backlog and work on domestic violence related issues topped that list.

“We just got $8.7 million for YWCA in Yakima and that was a great finale as we’ve had so many bills on (domestic violence).”

Mosbrucker tells The Center Square securing a DV shelter in Goldendale named ‘Gina’s Place’ (in her honor) is one of the highlights.

“It’s really nice, it’s a big duplex with a backyard play area and I get to go plant flowers there once in a while and it’s just a place for people to go from my hometown as domestic violence is everywhere.”

A press release from House Republican communications highlights other prominent bills including the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons legislation.

Passage of the Travis Alert Act and during this year’s legislative session, Mosbrucker succeeded in passing Ivan’s Law named in honor of Ivan Howtopat, a young Native American man who committed suicide in the Klickitat County jail during fentanyl withdrawal.

Mossbrucker said the growing number of Republicans who’ve announced plans not to seek reelection, or plan to run for another office is devastating.

“When you don’t have that mix and that bipartisanship, you’re really doing a disservice in my opinion and people lose trust in government.”

The session’s end in early March allowed legislators seeking other offices to begin campaigning and fundraising.

Several Democratic senators are seeking other offices. Manka Dhingra is running for attorney general. Patty Kuderer hopes to be insurance commissioner; and Mark Mullet is running for governor. Emily Randall is seeking the state’s 6th Congressional District seat.

Other high profile Republicans not seeking re-election include former House Minority Leader, J.T. Wilcox, who will retire at the end of the year, and Sen. Mike Padden who has served for more than 20 years.

“I know this is the right decision, though I was in tears yesterday, I know God has a great plan for me and the next chapter is going to be the best,” said Mossbrucker.

She is not closing the door on future political aspirations, even mentioning federal office or potentially a run for governor.