Bob Ferguson (D) has received the most contributions in the top-two primary for governor of Washington, taking in $6.3 million since the start of the campaign cycle.

Ferguson received $627,629 in March. Dave Reichert (R) has received the next most in the primary, with $2.6 million since the start of the campaign and $459,089 in March.

In total, candidates running for Washington governor have received $11.3 million in contributions and spent $5.1 million through March 31. The top-two primary is on Aug. 6.

Here’s the breakdown for the 25 candidates who are still in the running:

The remaining $792,510 received in the race for Washington governor went to candidates who have withdrawn.

Forty candidates received a combined $14.3 million in contributions running for governor of Washington in 2020, while 14 received $13.9 million in 2016.

Looking at Ferguson and Reichert alone:

3,812 individual contributions were made to Ferguson’s campaign last month.Of those 3,812, the largest share, 1,350 (35%), was between $100 and $499.1,880 individual contributions were made to Reichert’s campaign last month. Of those 1,880, the largest share, 791 (42%), was between $100 and $499.

The next reporting deadline for gubernatorial candidates is May 10. Those reports will cover the period of April 1-30, 2024. To learn more about this race, click below.

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