Press Releases


See local news happening or tape a great play at a local sports game? Thank you for considering helping us grow! We want to hear about it and share it. You have a couple different options in the style of your contribution. We look forward to the journey, and partnering with you will be key in that endeavor.


The easiest way is to simply draft up an article, between 400-600 words and submit to [email protected] for consideration. Your work would be subject to the same editorial scrutiny as any reporters would be, and produced with your very own by-line if selected for publication. This also means that The Post would effectively be “assigned” ownership of the piece, and All Rights to its publication and storing of the piece.

Information/Press Releases

Or, you can submit as an information source to [email protected] in the form of a tip or press release, with relevant information, known as the 5 W’s (who, what, when, where, why). As with any newspaper or periodical, work will be contributed to the author in the employ of The Post.

Ownership of Work

Contribution(s) to or collaboration with The Post are not indicative of employment at The Post. The Post assumes All Rights of ownership of work product contributed. Author stipulates that work product provided to the Post “assigns” ownership and rights to The Post. Furthermore, Author warrants that said work does not infringe on copyright or other proprietary rights, nor contains libelous or untruthful content and is the original work of the Author.

Submit News Article

- I am the original author of this submission and this website has my permission to use/modify this content if needed.
- I understand that my submission will not be published if a website admin cannot contact me for verification. Admins will review as soon as possible.
- My submission contains no spam (we check thoroughly), affiliate links (will not work), or suggestive material that may be inappropriate to younger readers.
- I hold the copyright to the uploaded image or I have approval from the copyright holder to submit the image for this article. Written approval may be required.

Articles with any violation will be discarded without notice.