125 injured after Israeli forces attack hospital

(NEW YORK) -- Israeli forces fired tear gas inside of a hospital in the West Bank city of Jenin on Tuesday that injured 125 people as a two-day raid on the city continued, Doctors Without Borders said.The tear gas fired inside of the hospital... Read More.

At least 125 dead in riots at Indonesian soccer match

(MALANG, Indonesia) -- At least 125 people died after a soccer match in Indonesia, where police fired tear gas into crowds of rioting fans, causing a stampede, officials said.East Java Vice Governor Emil Dardak told a local news station Sunday that at least 125... Read More.

Farm Weather Station Gets Rare 125 Year Award

Across the nation, volunteers take daily weather observations in the National Weather Service Cooperative Observer (Co-Op) Program. The Co-Op Program was created by Congress in 1890 in the Organic Act. There are more than 8,700 volunteer observers that take weather readings each day on... Read More.