Gunman takes 20 hostages on bus in Ukraine

By PATRICK REEVELL, ABC News(MOSCOW) -- Ukrainian police are in a tense standoff with a heavily armed man who has taken approximately 20 people hostage aboard a passenger bus in the town of Lutsk in western Ukraine.Special forces... Read More.

Plan to Rumble on Hwy 20

Highway 20 is undeniably one of the most scenic and beautiful drives to be found around. So beautiful that it’s hard to keep your eyes off of the snow capped vistas and on the road, unfortunately. ****

Scuttlebutt Brewery to Celebrate 20 Year Anniversary

Growing up in the greater Seattle area, Scuttlebutt Brewing Company was always, and continues to be, a household name. This July, Scuttlebutt celebrates 20 years of brewing. “We’ll have some really super beers to celebrate our 20th anniversary,” said Phil Bannan... Read More.