‘Free Guy’ goes virtual with Vudu’s new Oculus VR app

A movie about a guy whose world is changed when he looks through a special set of glasses is now available for viewing through...a special set of glasses.  Specifically, Ryan Reynolds' blockbuster Free Guy is now available for rent for users of Oculus VR headsets -- a fitting... Read More.

‘Free Guy’ surprises with $28.4 million to top the box office

Free Guy, the action-comedy from 20th Century Studios starring Ryan Reynolds and Killing Eve's Jodie Comer, beat expectations in the box office -- topping it with an estimated $28.4 million debut. The COVID-19-delayed movie, which was originally due out July 2020, also earned an estimated $22.5 million... Read More.

‘Free Guy’ (finally) now in theaters

After multiple pandemic delays, the action comedy Free Guy is finally in theaters. Ryan Reynolds plays Guy, a wholesome bank teller who learns that he's actually an NPC -- or a non-player-character -- in a violent online game called Free City.  The mysterious LadyMolotov -- the online avatar for Jodie Comer's... Read More.