Tropical Storm Fiona takes aim on Puerto Rico

(NEW YORK) -- Tropical Storm Fiona is taking aim on the Caribbean and is set to bring heavy rain and possible flash flooding and mudslides to Puerto Rico this weekend. Puerto Rico will see the first impacts from Fiona early Saturday morning. By Saturday afternoon... Read More.

Snow storm takes aim on Northeast: Latest forecast

(NEW YORK) -- A snow storm is bearing down on the East Coast, with snow even expected to reach as far south as coastal North Carolina. The brunt of the storm will hit from eastern Long Island to coastal Massachusetts, with moderate to major impacts... Read More.

Possible hurricane takes aim at Louisiana: Latest path

(NEW YORK) -- Tropical Storm Ida, which formed Thursday, is forecast to strengthen into a hurricane before targeting Louisiana this weekend. Ida is set to hit the Cayman Islands and Cuba as a tropical storm on Friday morning, delivering up to 20 inches of rain.... Read More.