Alabama bill to protect IVF signed into law by governor

(NEW YORK) -- After two weeks of agonizing limbo for families in the midst of fertility treatment in Alabama, the state legislature on Wednesday night passed the final version of a bill to restore halted access to in-vitro fertilization in the state.Republican Gov. Kay... Read More.

Alabama lawmakers begin debate over IVF protection bills

(MONTGOMERY, Ala.) -- Alabama lawmakers held a hearing Tuesday to begin debate over two bills that would add protections for in vitro fertilization treatment, allowing physicians to continue providing care a week after a state Supreme Court decision that said embryos should be considered... Read More.

What are Alabama lawmakers proposing to protect IVF?

(MONTGOMERY, AL.) -- Alabama state lawmakers introduced three new bills that aim to protect IVF treatments amid intense backlash over a state Supreme Court decision that caused several providers to halt IVF treatment last week. The bills would allow providers who have halted care... Read More.

What’s next for IVF patients in Alabama?

(MONTGOMERY, Al.) -- More than a week after the Alabama Supreme Court upended in vitro fertilization access in the state with its ruling that frozen embryos are considered children, increasing public outcry has spurred hope for legislative movement in the Statehouse.Last week, the court... Read More.