Gun violence in America: Newark

(NEWARK, N.J.) -- It's the most populous city in New Jersey with over 280,000 residents and regarded as one of its most dangerous. Crime has plagued the city for decades and in 1986, there were more than 40,000 index crimes, a trend that would... Read More.

Gun violence in America: Do something

(FRESNO, Calif.) -- It's 7:51 p.m. on a warm Friday night. Fresno, California, police officer Bret Hutchins and his two partners are checking on a burglary call. The 911 caller reported somebody broke into a garage and they can hear them banging around inside.... Read More.

Gun violence in America: Mental health

(UNITED STATES) -- The National Alliance on Mental Illness says whenever a tragic act of gun violence occurs, people with mental illness are often unfairly drawn into the conversation. But experts say the relationship between mental health and gun violence is complex. "Someone who goes out... Read More.

Gun violence in America: Kids and guns

(NEW YORK) — In Watertown, Connecticut, you can hear the squeak of a swing's chain as it glides back and forth, along with the laughter of children at play. They are sounds that harken back to the simpler and sweeter moments of childhood. This playground... Read More.

Gun violence in America: Defining the problem

(NEW YORK) -- It was lunchtime when a gun altered Crystal Turner's life. "I got the call at 12, noon," Turner recalled to ABC News. "My 29-year-old daughter Jenea and my 23-year-old son Donell were murdered together.” Jenea Harvison and her brother, Donell McDonald, were gunned down... Read More.