Peter Gabriel thinks we need to embrace artificial intelligence

It seems like a lot of folks are worried about artificial intelligence replacing humans in various areas, including making music, but Peter Gabriel isn’t one of them. Gabriel, who contributes the forward to the new music guidebook Reverberation: Do Everything Better With Music, has always embraced technology. While he... Read More.

Artificial sweetener linked to heart attack and stroke: Study

(NEW YORK) -- Zero-calorie sweetener erythritol, widely used in sugar replacement or reduced-sugar products, has been linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular events including heart attacks and strokes for older adults consuming high amounts and already at risk of heart disease, according to... Read More.

Demand for artificial limbs surges in Ukraine

(KYIV, Ukraine) -- One of Ukraine’s leading medical experts on developing prosthetic limbs for amputees says there has been a dramatic surge in demand for artificial arms and legs since Russia invaded Ukraine.Dr. Oleksandr Stetsenko told ABC News that financial support or donations of... Read More.