Reports of sexual assault in US military up 13%

(WASHINGTON) -- The Pentagon's latest survey on reported sexual assaults in the military show that in 2021 an estimated 8.4% of active duty women and 1.5% of active duty men indicated experiencing at least one incident of unwanted sexual contact.The survey also showed that... Read More.

Uvalde residents petition assault weapon sales in the city

(UVALDE, Texas) -- Uvalde residents, including families of Robb Elementary School shooting victims, have signed and sent a petition against assault weapons to Randy Klein, the owner of Oasis Outback, the local sporting goods store where the gunman retrieved the AR-15 he used to... Read More.

House to vote on a bill banning assault weapons

(WASHINGTON) -- House Democrats will vote Friday on a bill to ban assault weapons in the U.S.Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., announced the vote in a letter to colleagues on Friday morning, calling the legislation "a crucial step in our ongoing fight against the deadly... Read More.

Uber sued by more than 500 women over assault claims

(NEW YORK, NY) -- Uber is being sued by approximately 550 female passengers who claim they were attacked by their drivers, according to the law firm Slater, Slater, Schulman, LLP, which filed a legal complaint against Uber in a San Francisco court on Wednesday.The women,... Read More.