Target Zero DUI Awareness Show

2020 has been a very challenging year, lots of changes happening. One thing that hasn’t changed, people are still driving under the influence. Join us for our Annual Snohomish County DUI and Target Zero Task Force DUI Awareness Show.... Read More.

2019 KRKO DUI Awareness Show

  Highlights from the 2019 KRKO Radio DUI Awareness Show with your host Maury Eskanazi. The 11th Annual DUI Awareness Show brought to you by The Snohomish County DUI and Target Zero Task Force. Once again the Message is Don’t... Read More.

Marysville Fire Spreads Awareness

(Courtesy photo by The Marysville Fire District) There is another side to a scene like this- awareness   Written by: Nathan Senff At the mention of fire some might automatically think the worst--death, burns, loss. There is also another way... Read More.