At least 24 dead as Chile battles out-of-control wildfires

(NEW YORK) -- At least 24 people are dead as dozens of wildfires rage in Chile amid a scorching heat wave, Chilean authorities confirmed to ABC News.The fatalities included two firefighters, authorities said. Approximately 1,000 people have also been injured, with 26 in life-threatening... Read More.

Florida battles federal LGBTQ protections

(NEW YORK) -- As the federal government aims at expanding protections for LGBTQ people, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and state agencies are vowing to dodge those safeguards.In a memo from the Florida education department on Thursday, the agency told state schools to ignore nondiscrimination guidance... Read More.

Mom of two battles breast cancer while pregnant

(NEW YORK) -- Stephanie Schmidt, a 30-year-old neonatal intensive care unit nurse in New York, was eight weeks pregnant when she walked through the doors of her OBGYN for a routine visit to establish prenatal care.What started as a routine visit for Schmidt ended... Read More.