Singing The Blues To See The Blue Moon?

The next ‘blue moon’ is set to rise Wednesday evening in the eastern sky at 813 PM in the North Sound region. The question is – can it be seen?A weak upper level low pressure system is set to move ashore Tuesday followed by... Read More.

‘Blue Beetle’ hits theaters Friday

On Friday, August 18, DC Films' Blue Beetle takes flight in theaters.Cobra Kai's Xolo Maridueña plays Jaime Reyes, an everyday teenager who finds himself the recipient of an alien scarab that gives him super abilities and an Iron Man-like exoskeleton.DC's first... Read More.

A ‘Blue Moon’ To Occur Next Month

Ever heard the term – once in a blue moon? Next month – August – will have two full moons, the second one near the end of the month called a ‘blue moon’.The first full moon will be tomorrow night on August 1st and... Read More.