California woman faces sentencing in hoax kidnapping case

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) -- A Northern California woman who pleaded guilty to orchestrating an elaborate hoax about being kidnapped and even seared with a branding iron by her abductors is scheduled to be sentenced Monday. Sherri Papini, 40, is facing a sentence of eight months when... Read More.

Why California has blackouts: A look at the power grid

(NEW YORK) -- In August 2020, hundreds of thousands of Californians briefly lost power in rolling blackouts amid a heat wave, marking the first time outages were ordered in the state due to insufficient energy supplies in nearly 20 years. The state has been working... Read More.

California signs law that could transform worker bargaining

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) -- U.S. labor unions enjoy their highest level of approval in almost 60 years, as high-profile worker victories at Amazon and Starbucks have galvanized public support. However, union membership -- the lifeblood of the labor movement -- has fallen to a historic... Read More.

Two killed in Northern California wildfires: Sheriff

(WEED, Calif.) -- A wildfire raging in Northern California took a tragic turn as two bodies were recovered after the blaze swept into a small town, damaging or destroying more than 100 structures, authorities said. Siskiyou County Sheriff Jeremiah LaRue broke the grim news at... Read More.

California under warnings for extreme heat, fire threats

(NEW YORK) -- Excessive heat and red flag warnings are in effect for much of California this weekend, as the state battles several blazes amid scorching temperatures. Record-high temperatures could be set this Labor Day weekend, from San Diego to Los Angeles and up into Sacramento. Residents... Read More.