Veterans Administration Puget Sound Health Care Clinic

Although ground was broken way back in December 2020, progress is finally becoming apparent on the Veterans Administration’s new $10 million, 26,000-square foot community-based outpatient clinic in Everett. The clinic is located at the corner of Mukilteo Blvd. and Olympic Blvd. (220 Olympic... Read More.

What the debt ceiling is, and why you should care about it

(WASHINGTON) -- While the concept of the debt ceiling might seem "in the weeds," it actually poses a very real threat to millions of Americans in a precarious economic period. If lawmakers on Capitol Hill remain deadlocked on raising the debt ceiling, the government could... Read More.

Nurse takes care of patients even on her days off

(LAS VEGAS) -- For some patients, it's the little things. Brooke Johns, 40, is an emergency room nurse at Southern Hills Hospital in Las Vegas. On her days off, she heads back to the hospital to provide patients with some genuine human connection, brushing out... Read More.