Ten dead after roof collapse at baptism ceremony in Mexico

(TAMAULIPAS, Mexico) -- Ten people have died following a roof collapse at a church in Mexico on Sunday, according to local authorities.The collapse, which trapped between 30 to 40 people, happened at the Iglesia Santa Cruz Church, a Catholic church in Madero, Tamaulipas, Mexico,... Read More.

Collapse of 2 dams in Libya floods leads to probe

(DERNA, Libya) -- Libya's chief prosecutor announced Friday he has ordered an investigation into the collapse of two overwhelmed dams during the catastrophic floods -- and whether better maintenance could have avoided the disaster.After Mediterranean storm Daniel brought heavy rains, and widespread flooding, to eastern... Read More.

Deck Collapse Friday at Camp Killoqua in Stanwood

Firefighters transported eight people to a hospital last Friday night after a deck collapsed at Camp Killoqua in Stanwood.Initial calls to 911 just before 9 pm reported the victims were standing on the deck attached to a building when it collapsed. Firefighters arrived minutes... Read More.

Train derails into Yellowstone River after bridge collapse

(COLUMBUS, Mont.) -- A bridge that crosses the Yellowstone River in Montana collapsed, sending portions of a freight train that was traveling over it into the water below, state officials said.Multiple tanker cars were damaged and are leaking petroleum products near the Yellowstone River, the... Read More.