Rep. Carolyn Maloney speaks on gun control efforts

(WASHINGTON) -- In advance of an oversight committee hearing with AR-15 manufacturers on their role in the gun violence epidemic on Wednesday, committee chair Rep. Carolyn Maloney sat down with ABC News to discuss the context. One month after President Joe Biden signed bipartisan gun... Read More.

What big city mayors are saying about gun control

(NEW YORK) -- What do America's mayors intend to do about gun violence? The U.S. Conference of Mayors held its 90th annual meeting from June 3-6 in Reno, Nevada. Dozens of mayors convened to share their plans and agendas following the most recent mass shootings... Read More.

Here’s what states are doing to address gun control

(NEW YORK) -- Just days after two mass shootings took place in New York and Texas, state lawmakers are pushing for tighter gun laws in an effort to mitigate gun violence around the country. The move from officials in several states comes as federal lawmakers... Read More.