Journey’s Neal Schon sues bandmate over credit card

There’s some new infighting within the band Journey. New legal documents show Neal Schon is suing bandmate Jonathan Cain over a credit card. According to the Page Six, docs accuse Cain of opening up an Amex card through the company that operates the band, suggesting “millions of Journey funds have flowed through it.” Both Schon... Read More.

White House takes credit for decline in gas prices

(WASHINGTON) -- The White House credits the drop in gas prices to President Joe Biden’s million-barrels-a-day strategic oil reserve release and his engagement with oil companies. They say this strategy helped bring gas prices down below $4 a gallon in many parts of the... Read More.

IRS warns of child tax credit scams

(WASHINGTON) -- The Internal Revenue Service is warning taxpayers of ongoing scams related to the child tax credit -- with some landing directly in Americans' email or smartphone. "Right now we're seeing scammers trying to take advantage of the American public by attempting to gain... Read More.