Refurbished tech 101: How to get the best deals

(NEW YORK) -- As summer break draws to a close, parents are hitting the ground running with back-to-school shopping. Back-to-school essentials traditionally ranged from notebooks and pens to t-shirts and gym socks -- but now these lists have grown to include pricey technology like cell... Read More.

Experts eye fall deals as domestic flight prices skyrocket

(NEW YORK) -- Prices for flights this summer have skyrocketed at unprecedented rates, and some travel experts say that travelers looking for deals should start planning for fall trips. Domestic flight prices have jumped by 47% since January, according to an Adobe Analytics report released... Read More.

Americans seek flea market deals amid historic inflation

(CHICAGO) -- It’s no surprise Americans are feeling the impact of the country’s worst inflation in 40 years. In fact, the Federal Reserve is already considering raising interest rates again, according to Chairman Jerome Powell. They raised rates by a quarter-point just last week.

Travel Tuesday: How to find the best flight deals

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Lawmakers face time crunch on infrastructure deals

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