Prada to design NASA’s new next-gen spacesuits

(LONDON) -- Italian Luxury fashion house Prada has announced it is to partner with Axiom Space to design and develop NASA’s next generation lunar spacesuits for the upcoming 2025 Artemis III Moon mission.In a joint statement, the luxury fashion house announced its engineers are... Read More.

Design your award at the Country Music Hall of Fame

You're invited to design your very own award at the Country Music Hall of Fame. The event is inspired by the ongoing Chris Stapleton: Since 1978 exhibit, which showcases Chris' numerous awards, including his Grammy nods and a Waffle House Tunie award for having the most-played song on... Read More.

Twitter is bringing podcasts to its platform in new design

(NEW YORK) -- Twitter is expanding its platform to include podcasts, the tech company said in a statement on Thursday.Starting Thursday, Twitter will begin incorporating podcasts into its redesigned Spaces tab, an extension of its app that allows people to have live audio conversions,... Read More.