Dig into Dolly’s lemon glazed blueberry crumb cake

If lemons, blueberries and cakes are your thing, Dolly Parton might have a dessert that you'll enjoy.The global icon, who just expanded her product line with Duncan Hines, has shared her lemon glazed blueberry crumb cake.It's got a prep time of 20 minutes and uses ingredients such... Read More.

Dig into Kimberly Schlapman’s mini cherry cheesecake

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Dig into The Pioneer Woman’s Thanksgiving salad

Need a delicious salad for your upcoming Thanksgiving meal? Look no further than The Pioneer Woman's Thanksgiving salad recipe. The easy-to-make salad has a prep time of 15 minutes and uses ingredients such as pickled apples, lettuce, smoked almonds and blue cheese. "I never quite know... Read More.