New Dio box set featuring last four albums announced

A new Dio box set has been announced.The Studio Albums: 1996-2004 will be released on September 22. As its title suggests, the package includes the Ronnie James Dio-led outfit's final four studio albums: 1996's Angry Machines, 2000's Magica, 2002's Killing the Dragon and 2004's... Read More.

Dee Snider says Robert Plant & Ronnie James Dio are “great singers” but not “great frontmen”

Dee Snider has angered some folks on Twitter with his opinions on what makes a great frontman.The debate started after the Twisted Sister frontman shared his admiration for drummer Cozy Powell, who was bandmates with Ronnie James Dio in Rainbow and also played on Robert Plant’s debut solo album, Pictures at Eleven. Snider’s post prompted... Read More.