Bailey Zimmermans dog motivates him to work hard

Many things push Bailey Zimmerman to work hard, including his sweet dog, Marley. Why? Because he loves her, and she's a high-maintenance pup.“Yeah, Marley’s this bougie dog now. Marley’s a bougie little girl," says Bailey. "She’s got to have all the toys. She can’t just have... Read More.

South Korean assembly bans dog meat trade, consumption

(SEOUL, South Korea) -- South Korea's national assembly unanimously passed a bill to ban eating and selling of dog meat on Tuesday.Slaughtering, breeding, trading and selling of dog meat for human consumption will be prohibited starting in 2027. Violators of the new law will... Read More.

Veterinarians warn of rising cases of mystery dog illness

(NEW YORK) -- Veterinarians are sounding the alarm as they see a growing number of coughing dogs.Wendy Brown's three golden retrievers — Bridge, Dooley and Lulu — are among the dogs who started showing symptoms earlier this November."Dooley started doing kind of this huffing... Read More.