Big Pharma CEOs grilled on Capitol Hill over drug prices: 4 key takeaways

(WASHINGTON) -- Senators grilled chief executives from three top pharmaceutical companies over prescription drug prices during an hourslong committee hearing Thursday on Capitol Hill.Members of both major political parties bemoaned drug prices they consider too high, but liberals and conservatives revealed differences in their views... Read More.

Darius Rucker arrested on minor drug charges

Darius Rucker was arrested on Thursday, February 1, on minor drug charges.EW reports that Rucker faces charges on "two counts of simple possession or casual exchange" as well as "one count of violation of registration law." In a statement to TMZ, Rucker's attorney Mark Puryear said... Read More.

Counterfeit Ozempic found in US drug supply, FDA warns

(NEW YORK) -- As Ozempic and other drugs used for weight loss continue to soar in popularity, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a new warning for consumers.On Thursday, the FDA announced it had seized "thousands of units" of counterfeit Ozempic... Read More.