Diaper crisis escalates amid COVID-19 pandemic

(NEW YORK) -- As her belly curves in a small circle overlapping the top button of her jeans, Elisha White, 26, anticipates the birth of her fifth child. White is currently unemployed and without a car, and though her family is pitching in and assisting... Read More.

Russia threatens to block YouTube as confrontation with Google escalates

(MOSCOW) -- Russia's state censor has threatened to block YouTube in the country in retaliation for the Google-owned video platform deleting two German-language channels belonging to the Kremlin-funded broadcaster RT for allegedly publishing misinformation around COVID-19. The Russian censor, Roskomnadzor, sent a letter to Google... Read More.

Death toll rises as violence escalates between Israel, Hamas

(NEW YORK) -- Tensions in the Middle East have risen to new heights as deadly confrontations continued unabated Wednesday between Israel's military and Hamas, the Palestinian militant group ruling the Gaza Strip. The Israel Defense Forces said on Twitter early Wednesday that Hamas and other... Read More.