How to identify fake Twitter accounts amid flood of impostors

(NEW YORK) -- A flood of fake accounts impersonating public figures and brands overtook Twitter last week after the launch of paid verification badges, raising fears about the supercharged spread of misinformation.Some of the misinformation carried high stakes. A fake Eli Lilly profile garnered... Read More.

Snohomish County Assistance Available for Flood or Emergencies

While many Western Washington residents welcomed the return of the fall rainy season, increased precipitation has prompted flood concerns in some areas. To assist residents before, during and after a flood event, Snohomish County departments – Conservation and Natural Resources Surface Water Management (SWM),... Read More.

Now Is The Time To Obtain Flood Insurance

If you live in a flood prone area and do not already have flood insurance, now is the time to get flood insurance. Homeowner and commercial insurance policies typically do not cover flood damage. The Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner has a... Read More.