France, Spain and Portugal afflicted by heat, wildfires

(LONDON) -- As Western Europe experiences a record-breaking heat wave, thousands of firefighters are having trouble containing forest fires in France, Spain and Portugal that have destroyed thousands of acres of land. The fires have forced thousands of people to evacuate to safety, as extreme... Read More.

New baguette price sparks ire of some in France

(PARIS) -- The new price of baguettes at a leading French supermarket is sparking outrage from some. As of last week, customers in Leclerc stores were greeted with the new baguette price -- 29 cents (in Euros). The president of the Leclerc supermarket chain, Michel-Édouard Leclerc,... Read More.

France returning 26 looted treasures back to Benin

(PARIS) -- Twenty-six looted royal treasures will return to their country of origin this week after nearly 130 years of French ownership, as debate continues over repatriating artifacts. The pieces were looted following the war fought by France against the Kingdom of Dahomey, a former African... Read More.