Eddie Van Halen Funko Pop! figure revealed

An Eddie Van Halen Funko Pop! is set to be released next year. The late Van Halen icon is the latest rocker to be turned into one of the toy company's ever-popular big-headed vinyl figures as part of its Pop! Rocks line. The Eddie Funko... Read More.

Iron Maiden announces Eddie Funko Digital Pop! NFT

Plenty of bands have been turned into Funko Pop! figures, but Iron Maiden is the first to release one as an NFT. The legendary metal group's iconic mascot, Eddie, will be Funko's first-ever music-themed Digital Pop! NFT. Instead of getting your hands on an adorable,... Read More.

Hello, Jerry: ‘Seinfeld’ gets the Funko treatment

(NEW YORK) -- The beloved "show about nothing," Seinfeld, is coming to the world of Funko toys.  The bobble-headed pop culture collectibles line that has immortalized seemingly everything and everyone, from Transformers to the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, has has unveiled an upcoming Seinfeld line.  Not... Read More.

Funko Expands, Again, Crossing Wetmore Ave

The following was sent to the tenants of the multi-story building kitty-corner from the main entrance of the Funko building (pictured below). “We are writing to notify you of the upcoming sale of Wetmore Building which should be formalized... Read More.