Gas prices plunge to lowest level since February

(NEW YORK) -- Gas prices nationwide have plunged to their lowest level since February as demand has dropped from peak summer travel season and the price of crude oil has fallen.Softening pain at the pump offers welcome relief for households battered by inflation that... Read More.

Gas prices could decide the midterms. Here’s why.

(NEW YORK) -- Midterm election results may come down to the price of a gallon of gas.Roughly half of Americans say either the economy or inflation is the most important issue in their vote for Congress, making bread-and-butter financial issues by far the most... Read More.

What does the OPEC+ oil cut mean for US gas prices?

(NEW YORK) -- An alliance of oil-producing countries on Wednesday announced a dramatic cut in oil output with major implications for U.S. gas prices, industry analysts told ABC News.The group of nations known as OPEC+, led by Saudi Arabia and Russia, agreed on Wednesday... Read More.