Inflation data to show if prices fell amid Fed rate hikes

(WASHINGTON) -- Consumers on Main Street and investors on Wall Street will closely watch the release of inflation data on Thursday. The latest data arrives weeks after the Federal Reserve escalated its fight against inflation with a third consecutive rate increase. The median forecast in... Read More.

What interest rate hikes mean for you and the economy

(NEW YORK) -- The Federal Reserve on Wednesday dramatically escalated its fight to dial back historic inflation, raising its benchmark interest rate by 0.75%, the largest rate hike since 1994. The move offers hope that sky-high prices for essentials like fuel and groceries will... Read More.

Federal Reserve hikes interest rate by 0.75%

(WASHINGTON) -- The Federal Reserve raised interest rates significantly on Wednesday, hiking it 0.75%, escalating a strategy of increased borrowing costs that aims to dial back historic inflation. The rate hike of 0.75% marks the largest increase since 1994. The dramatic rate increase follows new... Read More.