How a false claim about Iran executions spread online

(NEW YORK) -- In recent days, social media posts providing alarming updates on protesters in Iran have been shared by tens of thousands online. The posts, including by prominent officials and celebrities, falsely claimed that Iran's parliament had voted to execute thousands of detained protesters. Iran's... Read More.

US sends message to Iran with counterattacks in Syria

(WASHINGTON) -- The United States said Wednesday that although it "does not seek conflict with Iran," it will continue to "defend" its troops against Tehran-backed militias in Syria. Three U.S. service members were injured in separate rocket attacks on two facilities housing American troops in... Read More.

US response suggests progress in renewing Iran nuclear deal

(WASHINGTON) -- After studying Iran's comments on the European Union's proposal to renew a 2015 nuclear deal, the State Department announced Wednesday it had submitted a formal reply to the plan, bringing a potential breakthrough within reach. "We received Iran's comments on the EU's proposed... Read More.

Biden’s mounting nuclear threats from North Korea, Iran

(WASHINGTON) -- While the world's focus has been trained on Russian President Vladimir Putin's nuclear saber-rattling over Ukraine, two other longstanding threats to U.S. national security have been not so quietly amplifying their ability to wreak international havoc. In recent months, North Korea has test-launched... Read More.