Ken Jennings talks “intense” ‘Celebrity Jeopardy!’ semifinals

Celebrity Jeopardy! returns this week with the first of the semifinal rounds, featuring Ghost’s Utkarsh Ambudkar, Oscar winner Mira Sorvino and Abbot Elementary’s Lisa Ann Walter.Early rounds of the show felt a little looser than what you'd see on syndicated Jeopardy!, and host Ken Jennings says the fact that the contestants are used to being in front... Read More.

Warren Zevon’s music celebrated on new Shooter Jennings album

The music of the late Warren Zevon is being celebrated with a new live album from Shooter Jennings and his Werewolves of Los Angeles band.Shooter Jennings and the Werewolves of Los Angeles Do Zevon is a recording of their 2023 Rebels & Renegades Music Festival performance in Monterey, California. It features... Read More.

Pump track coming to Jennings Nature Park

What is a pump track? It’s a track designed for bicyclists looking for a serious workout. A pump track consists of a series of rollers and banked turns (berms) designed to be ridden by cyclists “pumping” the bike instead of peddling. Here’s an example... Read More.