Air travel complaints up 35% in June, DOT report shows

(NEW YORK) -- Air travel complaints were up nearly 35% in June compared to the month before, according to a report from the Department of Transportation released Friday. Nearly one-third of those complaints were about airline cancellations, delays and other schedule changes. DOT data shows that... Read More.

Inflation runs hotter in June as US faces recession risk

(NEW YORK) -- As U.S. policymakers walk a tightrope in an attempt to dial back sky-high prices while averting an economic recession, new inflation data on Wednesday showed a significant acceleration of price hikes. Prices rose even faster in June, jumping at the highest rate... Read More.

Key takeaways from the June 7 primaries

(WASHINGTON) -- As another slate of states held their primary elections, most Americans remain critical of President Joe Biden’s handling of the inflation-plagued economy. According to a new ABC News / IPSOS poll, more than 8 in 10 Americans say that the economy is... Read More.

World Ocean Day is June 8th

June 8th, every year is World Ocean Day globally. It would be difficult to find anyone or place more into their coastline, beaches, waters, and wildlife than the Pacific Northwest. We think Orcas, salmon, waterfowl, eagles, rivers, creeks, and the other inland species they... Read More.