North Korea tests ballistic missile, Japan and South Korea say

North Korea launched a suspected ballistic missile on Sunday afternoon, Japan and South Korea said.The launch appeared to have been a shorter-range ballistic missile than those recently tested based on its flight time, Japan's Defense Ministry said.South Korean officials said the missile was launched... Read More.

South Korea fights off unprecedented bedbug infestation

(SEOUL, South Korea) -- South Korean authorities have been desperately detecting and exterminating bedbugs for the last two weeks, as a major disinfection of transportation and public facilities is on the way.Fear among South Korean citizens is beginning to spread after more than 30... Read More.

North Korea set to expel US soldier Travis King

(LONDON) -- North Korea has announced that it is set to expel U.S. soldier Travis King several months after he ran across the border from South Korea during a tour in July."The relevant organ of the DPRK decided to expel Travis King, a soldier... Read More.