Ukraine recaptures swath of land in ‘breakthrough’ offensive

(NEW YORK) -- Ukrainian forces have made a major breakthrough in the Kharkiv region, capturing strategically important cities, according to Ukrainian officials and military sources. Ukrainian troops have advanced 70 kilometers in less than a week, resulting in part of Russia's front-line collapse in Ukraine's northeast,... Read More.

Sacred land returned to Native tribe in Virginia

(NEW YORK) -- Tribal land in Virginia will be returned to the Rappahannock Tribe during a celebration hosted by the Department of the Interior Friday. Secretary Deb Haaland will join the Rappahannock Tribe, Chesapeake Conservancy and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in honor of... Read More.

FAA to change how some planes land in effort to cut emissions

(WASHINGTON) -- In an effort to cut emissions, the Federal Aviation Administration announced it's changing the way some planes land at U.S. airports. Currently, most planes that land at airports descend in a stair-step method, where aircraft repeatedly level off and power up the engines... Read More.