Naval Station Everett on Lockdown

This morning a suspicious package was located at the base. Emergency response in under way. All staff are under orders to shelter in place, and all gates are closed, and the base is on lockdown. Check our Facebook for updates and we... Read More.

Mall of America lockdown lifted after shots fired: Police

(BLOOMINGTON, Minn.) -- Shoppers were sent running for safety at the Mall of America Thursday, after police said shots were fired at the Minnesota shopping center. Police responded to an "active incident" on the northwest side of the mall Thursday evening, the Bloomington Police Department... Read More.

COVID lockdown offers teacher valuable life lessons

(NEW YORK) -- During the early days of the pandemic, Cayci Weaver was able to hold on to her teaching job. Educating high school students, however, was not easy; the switch to remote learning was a challenge, she says. "I think we were working 12-hour days... Read More.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson fined over COVID-19 lockdown breaches

(LONDON) -- British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was fined in connection with the police investigation into illegal parties and gatherings held at his residence and other government premises during coronavirus-induced lockdowns, Downing Street confirmed Tuesday. Johnson is the first sitting prime minister in U.K.'s history... Read More.

China orders 51 million into lockdown as COVID surges

(HONG KONG) -- China is facing its worst COVID crisis since early 2020, when the world first witnessed an entire population locked down to contain the coronavirus in Wuhan and its surrounding province. Two years on, it's now sending tens of millions of people into... Read More.