Parker McCollum loves seeing you sing back his songs

If you've sung Parker McCollum's songs back to him at shows, you've put a smile on his face.The "Pretty Heart" hitmaker, who's currently on his Burn It Down Tour, says seeing fans know his songs and sing them back to him makes him feel fulfilled as a... Read More.

Jordan Davis loves Deana Carter’s “Strawberry Wine”

This Valentine's Day, Jordan Davis is sharing two of his favorite romantic tunes — one from pop and one from country. "I guess Valentine’s Day gets you to thinking about love songs. You know, me and my wife’s first dance was 'I'm Gonna Lose You' [by] John Legend and Meghan... Read More.

Mitchell Tenpenny loves family time for Christmas

Mitchell Tenpenny's holiday tradition is plain and simple — spending quality time with family. "We don’t have many Christmas traditions. Honestly, it’s really just getting family together in whatever shape or form we can," Mitchell shares. "Especially now that we are all older and grown... Read More.