New York Democrats slam new congressional map

(NEW YORK) -- Democrats began the year hopeful that congressional redistricting in New York would favor the party – and insulate their slim House majority from a tumultuous midterm election cycle. But a new map expected to be approved Friday has left the state's Democrats... Read More.

DeSantis pushes redistricting map that splits up Black voters

(TALLAHASSE, Fla.) -- Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is on the brink of notching several wins as the Florida legislature convened for a special session Tuesday to finalize the state's redistricting process. Not only is his controversial redistricting plan that heavily benefits Republicans likely to pass,... Read More.

A Road Map to Adapting To New Wildfire Regimes Paved

Researchers from Oregon State University, the University of Washington and other collaborators throughout the west have created a road map to help adapt dry forests and landscapes to new fire regimes. In a recent published paper, they found through reviewing forest history and a... Read More.