Alyssa Milano arrested at White House voting rights protest

Alyssa Milano isn't afraid to get in a little trouble in the name of justice.  The actress and activist attended a protest in Lafayette Square in front of the White House on Tuesday that was aimed at getting President Joe Biden and Congress to pass voting rights legislation... Read More.

Alyssa Milano shares update on COVID-19 recovery

(LOS ANGELES) -- Following a battle with COVID-19, Alyssa Milano is continuing to share her journey with fans regarding the lingering effects of the virus. The actress took to Instagram Wednesday to share that while she's physically feeling better, taking aspirin every three... Read More.

Alyssa Milano reveals she had COVID-19: “It felt like I was dying”

(LOS ANGELES) -- Alyssa Milano is cautioning fans that COVID-19 testing isn't 100 percent reliable after testing negative for the virus three times despite having serious symptoms.  Finally, an antibody test -- her fourth overall -- told her what she already knew. The Charmed actress