Why the USDA might ban chocolate milk from school cafeterias

(NEW YORK) -- A new proposal from the U.S. Department of Agriculture could eliminate flavored milk from school cafeterias.The agency opened a comment request in February for feedback on its proposal to revise long-term school nutrition standards, which includes less added sugars in school... Read More.

Demand for donor milk rises amid baby formula shortage

(NEW YORK) -- As the baby formula shortage continues to impact parents and children across the country, there is renewed interest in donor breast milk, or donor human milk, with some considering it as another option in addition to formula.The Human Milk Banking Association... Read More.

Goat Milk RECALL ALERT – Stanwood, WA

St. John Creamery in Stanwood, WA, has issued a voluntary recall for raw goat milk.  If you use this product, check your refridgerator for best by dates between 10/03/2021 and 10/11/2021.  Do not consume this product and return to point or purchase for a... Read More.