MLB players complain of ‘bad’ baseballs

(NEW YORK) -- There may be no crying in baseball, but some major leaguers are crying foul over the official baseballs used during this year’s play. Meredith Wills, an astrophysicist and a lifelong baseball fan, said things are “very different” this season. “Players, when they hit... Read More.

MLB, MLBPA reach new CBA, Opening Day set for April 7

(NEW YORK) -- Baseball fans rejoice: Your favorite teams will be taking the field in just under four weeks. Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association announced Thursday that they have reached a new collective bargaining agreement. The deal was approved by the MLBPA... Read More.

PETA asks MLB to end use of ‘Bullpen’

(NEW YORK) -- PETA has asked Major League Baseball to end the use of the term 'bullpen." The organization says they would like a more animal-friendly term that doesn't reference the area where bulls are held before slaughter.  Their suggestion: The Arm Barn! “Words matter, and baseball... Read More.