Aldi offers Thanksgiving Price Rewind for affordable holiday options

(NEW YORK) -- This Thanksgiving, amid inflation and rising food prices, shoppers can find savings on meal ingredients thanks to a new promotion from Aldi. The grocery retailer announced its "Thanksgiving Price Rewind" on Tuesday, which ensures affordable prices on holiday essentials. "Starting November 2, holiday... Read More.

Healthy food options available at dollar stores

(NEW YORK) -- As inflation continues to send food prices soaring, more Americans are turning to dollar stores to save on groceries. But can you find healthier options while still cutting costs? While dollar stores are usually known to carry highly processed, packaged foods, some... Read More.


COVID Test Line With everyone very concerned about the resurgence of COVID-19 with the new Omicron variant, the demand for testing is also increasing.  Click the link above for  a video in Everett of the lineup to get tested.  There are lots of options. Please... Read More.