8 people shot, 3 fatally, in Kansas City parking lot: Sheriff

(KANSAS CITY) -- A shooting that erupted Sunday morning in a Kansas City, Missouri, parking lot killed at least three people and left five others injured, according to the Jackson County Sheriff's Office.The violence unfolded about 4:30 a.m. southeast of downtown Kansas City, Jackson County... Read More.

How parking impacts everyday lives beyond cars

(NEW YORK) -- For some people, a parking spot is a nightmare and for others it's a status symbol tied to their homes and vehicles.Slate reporter Henry Grabar, who wrote the book "Paved Paradise How Parking Explains the World," however said that that piece of... Read More.

Lynnwood Sound Transit Parking Garage Opens

On Monday, April 17th, the new parking garage at the developing Lynnwood Transit Center opened well ahead of when the Lynnwood light rail extension is due to begin service next year. The parking garage opened early to allow other work around the transit center... Read More.