What we know about the pilot in the Tupelo airplane incident

(TUPELO, Miss.) -- An incident allegedly involving a stolen plane and threats against a local Walmart ended in what one official described as the "best-case scenario," with no injuries and an inexperienced pilot safely landing the plane. The saga unfolded over several hours in northeast Mississippi... Read More.

The airline pilot shortage is real and will cost all of us

(NEW YORK) -- As millions take to the skies each day and airlines forecast what could be the most profitable summer ever, Americans should prepare for higher prices, more cancellations, and smaller airports losing all scheduled flight service. Never before have U.S. airlines been more... Read More.

JetBlue pilot pulled off plane after failing breathalyzer

(BUFFALO, N.Y.) -- A 52-year-old JetBlue pilot was pulled off a plane in Buffalo, New York, after blowing a blood alcohol content over the legal limit for pilots, according to Helen Tederous, public affairs director for the Niagra Frontier Transportation Authority. Pilots face strict blood alcohol... Read More.

Ex-Boeing test pilot indicted for fraud in 737 Max probe

(NEW YORK) -- Boeing's former 737 MAX test pilot, Mark Forkner, was indicted for fraud Thursday for allegedly misleading regulators about problems tied to the aircraft's two fatal crashes. The ex-chief technical pilot is the first Boeing employee to be charged over the 737... Read More.

Fighter pilot reflects on would-be 9/11 suicide mission

(NEW YORK) -- As the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks were unfolding, then-Air Force Lt. Heather Penney was given a mission to intercept hijacked United Airlines Flight 93 before it reached Washington, D.C. The rookie F-16 pilot said she believed she would not come back... Read More.